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Jason Hancock

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After getting a basic “hello world” SNMP example to work, I set out to test this method of data transfer against two others…. writing a custom client/server app and doing wgets against an apache web server. The goal here is to be able to quickly transfer about 10 lines of text from one machine(the remote hosts) to another machine(my monitoring machine on an administrative network) in a manner that is efficient.

custom snmp stuff

At work, we recently hit a minor road block in one of our monitoring applications and decided that we needed to convert some stuff to transfer data via SNMP versus other methods. I’m going to give an outline here of what I had to do to set up a simple “hello world” type query. First off, crack open /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and add the following line to the bottom of the file:

stp reunion

Laura scored us some tickets to go see the Stone Temple Pilots at the Hollywood Bowl in June. STP was one of those bands that was all but gone by the time I was old enough to go see shows. The first CD I ever owned was a copy of Purple

i truly am a g33k

I was at home the other night thinking about nothing in general and it hit me. I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, I had no idea how to play, what it takes to play, or anything. Working in a video game studio, I imagined that there were people I worked with that would play if I somehow could get a game together. I shared my desire to play with a coworker and it was all over after that.

I’m a fan of tower defense games. A buddy of mine turned me on to them back in college. I’ve been playing one now for a while. Desktop Tower Defense Squirt towers are awesome!

wii-tarded part 2

We made the trip to Best Buy to get the rest of the accessories that we needed to complete our Wii ensemble; two classic controllers and a nun chuck controller. Unfortunately, Best Buy didn’t have any nun chuck controllers, so after purchasing the classic controllers, we headed next door to Toys-R-Us. The electronics department was tucked away in a corner. It almost seemed like an afterthought. My spirits were dwindling…if Best Buy didn’t have it, what were the chances Toys-R-Us would?

It’s official. Laura and I are wii-tards. We decided to get a wii a little over a week ago and started asking around at our local retailers. I happened to go to Target in Eagle Rock (not our normal Target) and asked if they were expecting any wii’s. They said that they were expecting about 100 the next morning. That settled it….we were getting one. 3:30AM rolled around very early. If you know me, you know it’s a great feat to get me out of bed early in the morning.

The USB cable, car charger, and wall charger I ordered from amazon showed up today. I popped the installation CD in for the usb cable and installed the drivers. I then plugged my phone into the cable and fired up bitpim. I am finally able to transfer custom ringtones to my phone! Now I just need to make a few more ringtones. On to the car charger. I bought a bluetooth headset with the intent of using it while driving.

After searching the web a bit for some decent wallpaper, I discovered an interesting quirk about my lg vx8700. The native resolution of the screen is 240x320, but wallpaper in that resolution gets scaled kinda funky and looks bad. Off I set to find the correct size for wallpaper. A couple google searches said that the size should be 240x275. I grabbed an image, trimmed it to this size via photoshop and threw it on the microSD card I bought.