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charter: i hate you

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Up to now, our relationship has been great. You’ve never left me high and dry when I needed to jump on my computer and get my internet fix…..that is until tonight.

It wouldn’t have been quite so bad had I not needed to be working at the time you decided to tell me to go fly a kite.

So there I was….it was 11:50PM and I needed to be logged in and working. I kept staring at your modem, hoping that my connection would come back and save me a trip to the office. I waited until 11:55 (what I determined was the point of no return), then jumped in my truck and blasted off towards my office.

Let me tell ya, there’s nothing like flying 95 down an LA freeway at midnight hoping you don’t get pulled over and end up being even later to the outage.

I made it 5 minutes before I absolutely had to shut down our site. I had just enough time to ping my webserver and, sure enough, it responded.  As soon as I walked out the door I know you decided to restore the connection, but by that point, I was already gone.

Here I am now, all pumped up from running up 3 flights of stairs. I grabbed a caffeinated drink from the kitchen. I’m going to be up all night now.

A big F**K YOU goes out to Charter Cable from me tonight!