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i feel dumb

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A co-worker suggested I look at my xorg log files. Found out why I wasn’t getting any video…..there wasn’t a device connected. The back of my video card is crowded because it’s the all-in-wonder model ATI card, so they have this funky Y adapter cable that has two d-sub connectors on it. I had my monitor connected to the second port instead of the first.


So, now everything is up and running, I’m in full blown linux mode now!

I started the customization of my environment and further setup of my machine by mouting my windows ntfs shares. I then decided that I needed some music, so I started looking around for music players. I looked at XMMS, XMMS2, and Audacious. I started with XMMS. It’s supposed to be a winamp like player. Not bad, but Redhat removed the mp3 codec due to copyright/patent inringement stuff. So, I thought I’d look at Audacious since it was fork from the Beep player. Again, this is a winamp-like player. Very nice. Seemed a little nicer than XMMS. I read somewhere that they fully support winamp skins….i’ll have to play with that later.

Again, with Audacious, there were no mp3 codecs installed by default. I started searching the net and found that I needed to install the following:


I found the rpms, installed them, and now I’ve got tunes.

Next, I turned my attention to vpn. I need vpn to be able to work from home. I had already installed vpnc, so it was just a matter of hacking my cisco profile, decrypting the key, then setting everything up in /etc/vpnc/default.conf.  Now, I can connect to my work network with ease.

I’m starting to get a bit tired, so I may hit the hay soon (it’s already 2:30AM). Next steps: installing gimpshop and configuring apache/php so I can have a local development environment.