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I’ve spent the last few days putting my life at work back together. The nice part about being in the position that I’m in is that there isn’t any IT support. I stopped at Fry’s on my way into work Monday morning, picked up a new drive, installed it, installed Windows, and started rebuilding both my desktop work environment (MS office, cvs stuff, diff utilities, all the goodies) and also my build/release environment. Once I had everything put back together, I had to start building the art for the game completely from scratch. That ended up taking almost 30 hours to complete once I had it kicked off.

Today, I was finally able to actually publish a build internally for regression. All in all, the rebuild of my environment went smoothly. I will be looking for an attractive backup solution soon.

In other news, I’ve been on my linux desktop at home almost exclusively for the last week or two. I love how I keep finding some app that I think linux is missing only to find a kick-ass open source solution that was better than the Windows equivalent that I thought I was missing. The only thing that I ever really boot back to XP for is to play Counter Strike.

Sunday night, I was working from home and my monitor started some serious flickering. It’s been doing that for a while now, but this time was severe, to the point that I had to turn it off, let it chill for 5+ minutes and then it was back to normal. When I was at Fry’s Monday morning I happened to have a moment of weakness and walked over to where they had the LCD’s on display. I found a really attractive Samsung LCD that was at the upper end of my budget that fit my needs nicely (both analog and digital inputs, 1920x1200 max resolution, nice and bright, decent refresh rate, etc.), so I bought it. I had talked it over the night before with Laura and we both agreed that I needed a new monitor and that if I found one at the right price point with all the features that I wanted that I was to just go ahead and get it.

I’ve been tinkering with it for a couple days trying to get the brightness and color adjustments just right. I’m getting close, but I think I still need to tweak it a little bit.

I picked up our PS3 today. Very nice piece of hardware. Call Of Duty 4 in 1080p on our TV looks just wicked. I’m looking forward to watch the Transporter on BluRay this weekend.