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follow up to charter rant

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So, after getting a new tv, contemplating upgrading our cable to HD, and the incident a couple weeks back with our internet service, we were pretty much ready to ditch charter.

A salesman from AT&T knocked on the door the other night advertising their new bundled service. Laura took the info and we talked it over when I got home. Bottom line, we’re going to pay the same amount per month, get 50+ HD channels, all the premium movie channels including HD movie channels, get an HD DVR (we have a regular DVR currently), get an additional box for our bedroom, and get an internet connection that’s a dedicated 6Mbps (our old one was a max 5Mbps, not continuous 5Mbps).

So charter, goodbye. You served us fine until you pissed Laura off with the crappy customer service and you pissed me off when I had to drive to work to run my outage in the middle of the night.