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Not much going on lately. We bought a new TV….samsung LN52A750. It’s sweet! I can’t wait for the PS3 releases in September. Needless to say, the plans for my AR are on hold indefinitely (I will get way more enjoyment out of the TV in the meantime). I might just settle for a cheaper upper than the one I really one (JP-15 with all the bells and whistles).

4 more days until I pick up my Springfield XD40. I’ve got two boxes of 180 grain FMJ rounds to put through it. I also want to try some 165 grain rounds to see which I like better. Then, I need to find some hollow points for self-defense.

Work is work. I’m up late tonight because of it. I’ll be up late again Sunday night.

Laura and I finally made the trip out to the Huntington library. I got some really nice pictures of the gardens while I was there. It is very impressive there. If it weren’t so hot, we would have stayed longer and covered more of the grounds. We’ll make a trip out there this fall. Membership is $100, but regular admission is $20, so if we went three times a year, it would pay for it. Maybe the next trip out we’ll get the membership.

I haven’t really written much code lately. I’m at kind of a turning point. I’ve begun to realize that most of the code I’ve written up to this point really isn’t what programming is all about. I’d say at least 75% of the stuff I write is one-time use, throw-away code to parse through something or execute a bunch of jobs.

I downloaded the Steam SDK and decided that I’d like to try my hand at creating a map for counter strike. I’ve got an extra box lying aroud, so I might reimage it and turn it into a server locally for my testing/debugging of maps.

I’ve been up late quite a bit this last week due to work. Being that tomorrow is Saturday, I’m sleeping in. Goodnight.