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hardware failure!

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Today was really hectic. We had an issue come up that we had to address, we worked on a bunch of stuff that has to be in front of customers by the end of next week, and I’ve been fighting an uphill political battle, trying to get the leadership to fully support an awesome idea (that I can’t comment about right now, but I’ve been spending a lot of late nights working on).

Then, to top it all off, I was logging into the website to submit my hours worked and my machine locked up….I’m not talking froze, I’m talking all video suddenly stopped, monitors got dark and things were going down hard. I powered down the equipment, waited a few moments then powered it all back up…..A message popped up stating that there was a problem with my hard drive. No problem, let’s run a check disk and fix it…..nope, sorry, BSOD, reboot. Same thing over and over again. I’m hosed, completely and utterly hosed.

Now it wouldn’t be that bad if it was only my desktop machine, but no, it was also my build box. So, I’m really hosed. No builds for the next couple days.

I’ve already submitted for a new disk, but if that doesn’t show up in a timely manner, I’m really hosed!