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Jason Hancock

last update:

Wow…it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’ve been rediculously busy lately with work and my own little projects. I landed an interview with company owned by Disney that is responsible for making their internet games and websites. Hopefully that will go well. I don’t think my interview with Bitscribe went over too well as I have not heard back from them. I really was lacking experience in basically everything that they were looking for.

I have to report for my final day of jury duty in about 8 hours. I’d better get to sleep soon (it’s 12:30 AM). I just don’t know that I can sleep. Maybe it’s because of all the resume’s and BS I’ve sent out, I haven’t gotten a single response. Not a single email. Nothing. I had an interview lined up…too bad it was in Santa Barbra. Laura has her job pretty much secured.

jury duty

I was summoned to jury duty today. I was assigned a courtroom with about 35 other potential jurors. The court clerk came out and announced that they randomly selected 18 people to sit in the box/alternates. Of course, I was lucky juror #1. I made it through all the questioning and was sworn in as a juror. I can’t talk about the case, so don’t ask. I’m glad to be a participant in our legal system.

James’ party was a blast!!! We had a lot of fun. For those of you that don’t know, we took a 14 passenger Excursion limo out on the town Saturday night to celebrate James’ 25th birthday. It was the first time that I have ever ridden in a limo. We dinned at Chevy’s on the River then hit the bars. Good times enjoyed by all. The batteries in my Bluetooth mouse died today.

It’s 10:00 AM, on the money. It’s official….Hancock Web Solutions has been launched. I’m having some business cards printed up too…when I get them, you’ll most likely be getting one. I took the Ford out yesterday to go to the bank. I stopped at the grocery store, then went and got some gas, then went to the bank. While I was waiting in line for the drive up teller, she stalled on me and would not start.

tool in concert

James and I went and saw Tool last night at Sac Valley Ampitheater (Sleeptrain Ampitheater). A band called Isis opened for them. We sat in section 105, row 6, so we had pretty good seats. So good, that when Isis was performing, we were wishing that we had ear plugs because the bass was physically painful. After we finished our first $8 beer, we went to get another. We also decided to try and track down some ear plugs.

I left off last time with a question about what I wanted out of this blog….I don’t really know…so I’m not really setting any sort of expectations. I intentionally didn’t make a way for others to leave comments…this is my soap box, not yours. If you don’t agree with me, send me an email and I’ll take the discussion off-line with you. If I feel it’s relevant enough, I’ll post it.

Welcome to my blog. Wow…that was kinda awkward. I’ve always been one of those individuals who thought that blogs and all that trendy stuff like MySpace was for teenie-boppers. I still don’t have a MySpace account, and hopefully never will sell out that much. However, I have decided that I want to create my very own blog. I justified this to myself by thinking that this is less of a blog, and more of an electronic journal.