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tool in concert

James and I went and saw Tool last night at Sac Valley Ampitheater (Sleeptrain Ampitheater). A band called Isis opened for them. We sat in section 105, row 6, so we had pretty good seats. So good, that when Isis was performing, we were wishing that we had ear plugs because the bass was physically painful. After we finished our first $8 beer, we went to get another. We also decided to try and track down some ear plugs.

I left off last time with a question about what I wanted out of this blog….I don’t really know…so I’m not really setting any sort of expectations. I intentionally didn’t make a way for others to leave comments…this is my soap box, not yours. If you don’t agree with me, send me an email and I’ll take the discussion off-line with you. If I feel it’s relevant enough, I’ll post it.

Welcome to my blog. Wow…that was kinda awkward. I’ve always been one of those individuals who thought that blogs and all that trendy stuff like MySpace was for teenie-boppers. I still don’t have a MySpace account, and hopefully never will sell out that much. However, I have decided that I want to create my very own blog. I justified this to myself by thinking that this is less of a blog, and more of an electronic journal.