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mysql, ipf 968’s and a mac

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I’ve learned so much in the last couple weeks it’s amazing….I stopped thinking about learning PHP and MySQL and started doing it. I found a basic log-in system based on PHP and MySQL and hacked it apart, modified it to use a MCV (Model-Controller-View) architecture, then started customizing. I’m thinking about building a web based trip planner, with functionality like an e-vite to help coordinate large camping trips, while also helping each camper to keep track of what gear they need to be packing. I’ve got the bare-bones built, but it needs a lot of work. I installed CVSNT on my XP machine(since I trashed my linux box before the move) and am happy that I’ll have source version control for this project. I’ve started a discussion over on yotatech about the feature set.

I’m going to install my IPF 968 lights this weekend, so look for some pics next week.

They gave me a Mac at work today…i feel like such a Noob. I don’t think I’ve used a Mac in at least 3+ years, so everything is very foreign. They gave in and at least let me have a 5 button mouse. Now, I have to figure out how to build our software on it…shouldn’t be too bad once I get the Apple developer’s tools downloaded(1GB….thanks apple) and installed.