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jury duty

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I was summoned to jury duty today. I was assigned a courtroom with about 35 other potential jurors. The court clerk came out and announced that they randomly selected 18 people to sit in the box/alternates. Of course, I was lucky juror #1. I made it through all the questioning and was sworn in as a juror. I can’t talk about the case, so don’t ask. I’m glad to be a participant in our legal system.

On another note, the job search doesn’t seem to be going very well. I can’t even get anyone to give me the time of day. Tony’s mom submitted my resume to some folks at Dreamworks (thanks Tony’s mom!!!), but they said that while I don’t have the “ideal qualifications”, that they “are still considering” me for the position….so that’s another closed door.

I’m dropping off the 4Runner at the shop tomorrow. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong, but I suspect that the clutch/pilot bearing/throwout bearing are having issues.

I saw a commercial for the new Ford Shelby GT 500 Cobra….damn….what a nice looking car. 450+ horse power, and only $40-45k….I’m tempted. Too bad a want a house more than a fast car. Maybe I’ll be able to afford a Corvette during my midlife crisis - or at least I can try to look forward to it.

Picked up Stone Sour’s new album. It rocks! Go get yourself a copy.