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the ’66 and intel issues

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It’s 10:00 AM, on the money. It’s official….Hancock Web Solutions has been launched. I’m having some business cards printed up too…when I get them, you’ll most likely be getting one.

I took the Ford out yesterday to go to the bank. I stopped at the grocery store, then went and got some gas, then went to the bank. While I was waiting in line for the drive up teller, she stalled on me and would not start. That truck is HEAVY. I couldn’t push it out of the way myself due in part to the slight incline, the bend in the driveway, and the manual steering. I got her out into a stall and had Laura come get me. Hopefully, everything’s there when I go back for her tonight.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore….I have absolutely no desire to do work at work. Maybe it’s because Intel announced that they’re laying off 10K people and they won’t say who or when. How’s that for a positive work environment?

Alright…I’m done bitching…for now.