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anza borrego

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Wow…it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything up here. A lot has been happening recently and this site got neglected a little bit.

Let’s see….I went wheeling with the San Diego Yotatech crew a couple weeks back in Anza Borrego park. It’s north-east of San Diego. It was a good 3 hour drive for me from Glendale to Julian (the rendezvous point), but it ended up being well worth it. I had a blast despite getting high-centered on a rock(my inexperience was showing). The truck ran great. Had some good food, good brew, and a great time. Met some really cool people. I will definitely be trekking back out there to wheel with everyone again.

Christmas came and went. Laura got me a set of IPF 968 driving/fog lights…..I can’t wait to install them. They’re going to light up the whole freaking road like crazy. She also got me an external speaker for my CB, and Clerks 2 on DVD. I got her a Canon Powershot 630 digital camera and a 1GB SD card.

FedEx is on my s**t list right now….I paid almost $20 for a book to be shipped from Glendale to Placerville via 2nd day air….and it didn’t show up on time. It was a day late. I could have shipped it ground and it would have gotten there the same time. I’m going to try and get a refund.

I haven’t heard yet if my mom’s present has arrived yet. I’m still working on Bud’s CD’s….my CD burner is giving me s**t right now. Hopefully I’ll have them ready to be shipped by Friday.

James and Shavonne are coming down this weekend for New Years!!!! It should be a blast. We might hook up with Tony and Audra too if they’re still in the area. That would be rad.

Disney is pretty cool….the only way it could be better is if I were a full-time employee instead of an hourly contractor, but it will come in time. I’ll save the rest of the Disney stuff for a later edition of my blog.