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i feel dumb

A co-worker suggested I look at my xorg log files. Found out why I wasn’t getting any video…..there wasn’t a device connected. The back of my video card is crowded because it’s the all-in-wonder model ATI card, so they have this funky Y adapter cable that has two d-sub connectors on it. I had my monitor connected to the second port instead of the first. Doh! So, now everything is up and running, I’m in full blown linux mode now!

been a while

It’s been a while since I last posted. A lot has changed. I’m beginning to transition from the operations team over to the development team at work, I finished building my California-compliant AR-15, and I found a deal on a 1911 (7 days until I get to pick it up!). I’ve also dual-booted my desktop machine to run Fedora 9 and XP. I initially had some difficulties with the graphical install for Fedora 9.

So, after getting a new tv, contemplating upgrading our cable to HD, and the incident a couple weeks back with our internet service, we were pretty much ready to ditch charter. A salesman from AT&T knocked on the door the other night advertising their new bundled service. Laura took the info and we talked it over when I got home. Bottom line, we’re going to pay the same amount per month, get 50+ HD channels, all the premium movie channels including HD movie channels, get an HD DVR (we have a regular DVR currently), get an additional box for our bedroom, and get an internet connection that’s a dedicated 6Mbps (our old one was a max 5Mbps, not continuous 5Mbps).

I was just thinking about stuff that I should do…. Los Angeles Arboretum Visit some of the Spanish missions Take pictures overlooking SFV/LA on a clear night from the vista point off hwy. 14 Drive Mulholland drive (scenic views of SFV) Take pictures at sunset/night of the Santa Monica pier

yeah, fun stuff

Not much going on lately. We bought a new TV….samsung LN52A750. It’s sweet! I can’t wait for the PS3 releases in September. Needless to say, the plans for my AR are on hold indefinitely (I will get way more enjoyment out of the TV in the meantime). I might just settle for a cheaper upper than the one I really one (JP-15 with all the bells and whistles). 4 more days until I pick up my Springfield XD40.

Up to now, our relationship has been great. You’ve never left me high and dry when I needed to jump on my computer and get my internet fix…..that is until tonight. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad had I not needed to be working at the time you decided to tell me to go fly a kite. So there I was….it was 11:50PM and I needed to be logged in and working.

what a weekend

I can’t remember the last time I went to the theaters and saw two movies in one weekend….let alone three movies in one weekend. It all started innocently enough Friday night. Laura and I went to see Get Smart. It was pretty funny. I’m not the biggest Steve Carell fan and Laura enjoyed the movie more than I did, but I still found it funny at parts. The next morning, we went to the studio screening of Wall-E.

What a show! Amazing! The sound quality of the hollywood bowl was awesome. We were in section F3 and it was great. Sure, we could have been closer, but the show was not bad at all from where we were. Totally worth the $55 for the tickets. I think they played every song off Core. I will be going back next time they come to town.

new camera lens?

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a photographer for the Jonathan Jacques torch run. It was a great time. I took close to 500 pictures. I did notice that it felt like I was using the maximum focal length on my lens quite a bit. The only lens that I currently own is an 18-135mm lens that came with my D80 kit. I took a look at Nikon’s site to see what lenses they have available.

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