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disservice to coffee

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It’s almost a disservice to coffee to add cream and sugar to bean water brewed in a french press. I’m no coffee gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s 11:35 PM and I have to work late tonight, so I broke out my french press. It’s not a fancy press, but one made of lexan. I originally bought it for camping because I found that I had trouble brewing with a regular coleman percolator. The few times that I’ve used it have been great.

I slowly ground the beans in an electric grinder trying not to grind them too fine. Ultimately, I always grind them too fine. I’m getting better, but I’m not a pro.

Poured the chunky brown dust into my press, poured in a quart of boiling water and waited patiently.

Poured a cup, then committed a sacrilige. I added a dash of cream and about a teaspoon of sugar. This type of coffee should be consumed straight up but tonight’s not the night for that….or maybe it is. I brewed an entire quart. Perhaps I’ll make it into the second cup. Perhaps not. Time will tell…