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We had a good time in Vegas over the weekend. Laura, her mother, and friends Jenny and Carrie went to the New Kids’ concert Saturday night. While they went to the show, Laura’s dad, Jenny’s boyfriend Eric, and I went to Discount Firearms to shoot some fully automatic weapons.

The place was pretty busy when we got there. We decided that we would each shoot the MP5, the Tommy gun, and the M16 (it was an M4 with a 16” barrel and a collapsable buttstock). We headed out to the range. I was first up with the MP5. The recoil was so light it was like shooting a toy gun….very very smooth. Next up was the tommy gun. .45 ACP packs more punch than the 9mm, so it was a little more difficult to keep it on target, but all mine ended up on the paper. The M4 was next. Man…that can really walk all over the place. I think it would have been better with an A2 style buttstock and not that tiny collapsable thing. .223 doesn’t have a lot of kick, but with the dinky buttstock it had, it still was a little jarring.

Overall, it was a great experience.  The instructor (I didn’t catch his name) was a great guy. Very patient with our group. It was $80 each after it was all said and done, but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it if I had never done it before.

The next day, we had breakfast at the Tropicanna, then walked a little bit of the strip. I found a few pressed penny machines in the M&M’s store, so I made a few elongated pennies.

The car ride home wasn’t terrible. I’m really tired of people that slow down to look at stuff on the side of the road. It’s even worse when it’s on the other side of the highway and our side still slows down. I can totally understand why they plant oleanders between the highway in northern California. What I wouldn’t give to invent some strain of oleander that could grow in desert conditions without maintenance….