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disney world vacation

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We got back about a week ago from a 5 day trip to Walt Disney World. I was pretty impressed. You get of the airplane and get on a Disney bus. You don’t step foot off Disney property until you’re back in the airport going home. The whole experience was cool. I was really amazed at how well-oiled of a machine it was. You can find the pictures with the rest of my galleries (over 700 pictures).

The new lens performed very, very well. I forgot my tripod, so all the fire dancer and fireworks shots were taken hand held. Next time I’ll remember.

Work’s a bit of a drag lately. “Do more with less” is a common theme. Zero overtime.

I’ve been going to bed early and getting to work early (well, earlier than I normally do). It’s nice walking out the door at 5 instead of 7. Come home, eat dinner, drink a beer, watch some TV with the wife, play on the computer, asleep by midnight.