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cleghorn trail

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Hmmmm….I’m 25 now. I’m looking forward to my car insurance dropping in price and being able to rent a car.

I went wheeling yesterday. It was freaking awesome. Best trail yet in So-Cal. It’s called the Cleghorn trail. It’s off I-15 just north of the I-15215 split. I was supposed to meet some people from out there, but they all bailed. Luckily, some Nissan people were out there and invited me along. There were 3 Nissan pathfinders, two of which were sporting Dana 44 front axles. The IFS pathfinder was sporting 33” tires and a rear locker. This trail is very interesting as there is a fire road that runs the length of the trail and the trail criss-crosses it every 300-400 yards or so, thus making every obstacle or hard part completely optional.

The view from the ridge tops were absolutely amazing…..It was spectacular. I will be going back, hopefully with people as cool as I met out there.

Work has been busy…lots of OT, but I like it, much more than Intel. I’m figuring more out about my role as a publisher and trying to get everone on the team into good practices now since we are still in the pre-release phase. Each version/publish gets us closer to having something ready for the public. Our new data center is also almost online. I’m also on-call this week, so I’ll be sleeping next to my phone.