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calico trail clean up

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Laura and I went to the Calico Clean Up yesterday. Calico is a town about 8 miles North of Barstow along I-15. It’s mainly a tourist attraction. It is operated as an old ghost town. However, outside of the town are several 4×4 trails. Unfortunately, lots of people go out there and camp, shoot guns, and dump trash. Some organizations were threatening to shut down the trails, so a few people got together and organized a clean up. Over 700 people signed up. It was quite amazing to see all the rigs out on the dried up lake bed during the registration.

The actual clean-up only took about 3-4 hours of work. In that small amount of time, enough garbage was hauled back to the lake bed to fill 6 or 7 of the large 40 ft. or so long dumpsters. It was quite a sight.

While cleaning up along one of the trails (Mule Canyon Road), my group decided to play around on a boulder… I should have gone up higer on the rock as I was nowhere near close to lifting a tire. Oh well, I’ll do it next time: