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cleghorn trail

January 30, 2007

Hmmmm….I’m 25 now. I’m looking forward to my car insurance dropping in price and being able to rent a car.

I went wheeling yesterday. It was freaking awesome. Best trail yet in So-Cal. It’s called the Cleghorn trail. It’s off I-15 just north of the I-15/215 split. I was supposed to meet some people from out there, but they all bailed. Luckily, some Nissan people were out there and invited me along. There were 3 Nissan pathfinders, two of which were sporting Dana 44 front axles. The IFS pathfinder was sporting 33″ tires and a rear locker. This trail is very interesting as there is a fire road that runs the length of the trail and the trail criss-crosses it every 300-400 yards or so, thus making every obstacle or hard part completely optional.

The view from the ridge tops were absolutely amazing…..It was spectacular. I will be going back, hopefully with people as cool as I met out there.

Work has been busy…lots of OT, but I like it, much more than Intel. I’m figuring more out about my role as a publisher and trying to get everone on the team into good practices now since we are still in the pre-release phase. Each version/publish gets us closer to having something ready for the public. Our new data center is also almost online. I’m also on-call this week, so I’ll be sleeping next to my phone.

Dad’s new puppy is awfully cute. If you haven’t seen Zach, check him out here. I’m looking forward to owning a house with a yard so I too can have a ridgeback.

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