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Jason Hancock

last update:

Until recently, I’ve been a very motivated and driven individual. Right now, I feel that I’m at the cusp of something that could be amazing, but I see the amount of work it could take and it feels like I’m not willing to put in the effort. My last semester as a senior in high school, I needed to get at least an A- in my Contemporary Literature class to qualify to graduate with Honors.

sniffing traffic

I was debugging an application at work the other day and needed to monitor tcp network traffic on ports 80 and 8080 from one of our servers to another server. I fired up tcp dump on the server with the following command: tcpdump -Xvnes 0-w /tmp/capture.log 'tcp and host and (port 8080 or port 80)' Replace with the real ip of the destination server. This created a dump file at /tmp/capture.

Well hello there. This blog has been off the net since August. I apologize for that. We moved into our new house in November, but our ISP won’t allow access to port 80 (the port over which web traffic flows) without me upgrading our plan to a business plan. I don’t feel like forking out any additional $$, so I decided to move my blog. Around the same time, I acquired the jasonhancock.

It has been more than 2.5 months since my blog was up. We moved out of our apartment on August 31 and put everything in storage. Since I host this on a server at our place, this meant the server went into storage. We were lucky enough to stay with Laura’s cousin Jacob for two months. We got the keys to our house on November 3, but I’ve just now been able to unpack enough to set up the server.

First, updates on our house….we’ve found that we have a tentative closing date of 8⁄31. This is good because we need to be out of our current place by 9⁄1. This means that my web page/blog may be down for a while while we’re in the process of getting the cable hooked up at the new place and getting my server unpacked. Next, I was tasked with designing a web-based tool(PHP/MySQL) to manage special configuration files for games at work.

We’re buying a house. We’re being fairly conservative on the amount of house we’re buying so as not to impact our lifestyle too much as we really enjoy it. That being said, I had a desire to crunch the numbers and see how I am spending my money. First, I needed to determine what I was going to use as a source for my data. I specifically wanted to get the transaction details for my checking account.

exciting times

Lots of good stuff happening lately. First, I reached level 65 in CoD:W@W. Yes, for the first time ever, I’ve reached a level-cap in a video game! I normally don’t have the attention span to make such an achievement, but I’m a big fan of the CoD franchise and am anxiously awaiting Modern Warfare 2. Now I just need to earn prestige… Next up, how about an update on the house?

I was writing some code to parse an XML input file and noticed that XML::Simple was sometimes returning a data structure that had a single instance of a particular sub-element, and other times it would return an array of sub elements. For example, if I had: <root><sometag>foo</sometag></root> I would get a root that points at a single scalar of sometag. But if I have this: <root><sometag>foo</sometag><sometag>bar</sometag></root> Then, I would get back a root that points at an array of sometags.

house update

We’re moving forward on the house. We received the revised contract tonight and will submit it tomorrow morning! I’m not sure when we can resume the inspections and such, but I hope it’s soon!

more tricks!

I learned two cool new tricks from the senior guys today. They are moving everyone’s office today, so that means I have to have my computers packed up by 2PM. The problem is that I have a long-running job that I need to have run over the weekend. Since my machines will be in storage until Monday, I couldn’t just run it on my workstation and lock the machine up. The guys here recommended using the screen command.