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Amateur Extra Class Ham Radio Operator

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Ham Radio

I passed the Amatuer Extra class ham radio license exam back in November. I recently applied for and received a vanity 2x1 call sign. Find me on the air as AG6K.

I’ve been looking at lots of HF rigs. I’d like to get a Icom IC-7300, but don’t yet want to part with the cash since I still have to set up the rest of my shack. I’ve instead decided to purchase a the newish µBitx v6 transceiver along with an MFJ-4230DMP power supply (something capable of powering a 100W HF rig for when I do eventually get one), plus some odds and ends like some power pole connectors and a crimper, some coax, and some wire to build a dipole. I hope to assemble the radio soon and attempt getting onto the 20m band for the first time.