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General Class Ham Radio Operator

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Ham Radio

After obtaining my technician class ham radio license back in August, I set my sights on obtaining a general class license. The general class license opens up a lot of capabilities on the HF bands. I grabbed the ARRL General Class License Manual and started studying. I successfully passed the exam on 2019-10-26.

My sights are now set on obtaining the Amateur Extra class license. I’m planning to test for it on 2019-11-30. I picked up the ARRL Amateur Extra Class License Manual and have been studying it. Studying for this exam reminds me of all the analog circuit classes I took while pursuing my Computer Engineering degree at UC Davis. I’d encourage any EE/CE folks to look into taking the tests to get licensed as a radio operator because it’s a practical application of the material we had to study. So far, all of the circuit related things I’ve had to study for the Amateur Extra class exam has been familiar.