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domke f2

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In addition to the filters that I ordered, I also ordered a Domke F2 shoulder bag in black. I was a bit skepical after reading everything online as people either love it or hate it. I love it. My LowePro backpack was good, but it was a hassle to get in and out of and it couldn’t really carry 2 camera bodies very well.

The F2 has room for both bodies (D80 and N80), 50mm f/1.4, 18-200mm VR, SB-600, radio triggers, a couple of rain ponchos, a small first aid kit, 4 filters, remote releases, battery charger, sunscreen, film, and a couple of small light modifiers. The best part is that for once, a bag came with a shoulder strap that was long enough for a guy my size to comfortably adjust to be able to be slung across my body. Most of the time the straps are too short to do that.

I think the only problem with the bag (and it’s not really a problem) is that since it’s a canvas bag and it’s black, it picks up pet hair very easily.

In the last few days, I’ve shot what seems like a bunch of film. It was really only 3 rolls. I shot the first roll of my father-in-law reloading some shells. The second roll was of my father-in-law, his soon to be son-in-law, and one of his friends out in the desert shooting. For this roll, I used my yellow #8 filter. I probably shouldn’t have shot the whole roll with the filter on, but there was a lot going on and I couldn’t really keep popping it on and off and keep up with everyone. The third roll was of my coworkers at an indoor pistol range during our lunch hour. I’ve developed all the film and have made 2 of 3 proof sheets. Unfortunately, spring break is next week, so I don’t getto play in the darkroom for almost two weeks.

I think I’m going to try and write a perl script to build a digital proofsheet. Photoshop has the capability to do it, but it’s kinda lame and this gives me a good excuse to really play with ImageMagick (and PerlMagick).