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I’ve been working a lot lately. I have been tasked with building some web based data analysis tools. I had to dust of my web designer hat for this one….once I had the code functional, I spent 12 day making it pretty. I don’t spend as much time as I’d like in Photoshop anymore 🙁

I ordered some filters for my camera - a red #25, a yellow #8, and two circular polarizing filters (52mm and 72mm).They’ll be in my hands tomorrow.

I’m having a great time in my photography class. I’ve missed a total of 2 points out of ~200 thus far. My first assignment was judged by my peers to be the #2 photo in the class, so I was pretty happy about that.  Our next assignment is a documentary. I’m going to call mine RKBA - right to keep and bear arms. During lunch on Tuesday, the guys from work and I are going to go to the pistol range and I’m going to shoot a roll or two of film. The underlying assignment is to use depth of field effectively (both shallow and wide). I’ve come up with some ideas to accomplish this, so hopefully it will all work out. As a backup, I’m going to shoot some film this weekend at the Harvey House in Barstow to document the railroad yard  there.