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just a bad few weeks for tires

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Misc. X-Runner

On my way home from work on Friday, I noticed the X-runner pulling ever so gently to the passenger side. When I got home, I noticed the passenger side front tire was low. I made a mental note to go fill it Saturday morning. Saturday morning rolled around and I ventured down to the garage to run some errands. I found the tire flat. Guess I ran over something. Time was of the esscence, so I took Laura’s truck.

I finally got around to checking my truck this evening. I first attempted to fill the tire with my C02 tank. I was unable to fill it, but I couldn’t tell if I lost the bead or what the issue was. Out came the bottle jack and the standard tools that accompany any new vehicle. Luckily I wasn’t trapped on the side of the road somewhere because the tools included were insufficient to do the job since the last grease monkey to change or rotate the tires probably used an impact gun and torqued them too tight….I couldn’t budge the lug nuts with the wrench provided by Toyota.

Out came my 36” long, 12” drive breaker bar and my metric deep set sockets. I was able to find the right socket and get to work. Man were those lug nuts tight. I should go back and break all of them loose and re-torque them correctly with a torque wrench.

One of the bonuses of the X-runner is that the spare is a full-sized spare mounted on an alloy wheel just like the other wheels. A quick check of the tire pressure on the spare and I was good to go. I remounted the tire, dropped the jack, buttoned everything up and threw the removed tire/wheel in the bed of my truck. Now I just need to get it repaired/replaced sometime tomorrow.