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nor-cal vs. so-cal drivers

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Laura has been saying for years that she can’t stand driving in nor-cal because of the drivers. I never really believed there to be much of a difference until this last weekend.

This last weekend, we drove from LA to Sacramento to help James move. We hopped in the X-Runner and hit the highway around 3:45PM on a Friday night. We hit some traffic getting out of LA, but by the time we hit the grapevine, I had the cruise control set at 85 and we were making good time. Everything seemed to flow well. If I needed to get around someone, I sped up and got around them. People were driving at 85 mph in the fast lane. When I pulled up on someone going slower than 85 in the fast lane, they moved over.

All this changed when we were about 30 minutes south of Stockton. People started going slower in the fast lane and wouldn’t move over. I’d say they were averaging 70-75 mph. That’s fine….technically they are speeding, but that’s just not how it works. If you’re going to go slow, then move the f**k over because if you don’t, I’m going to pass you in the right lane. That brings me to my next point, when I am passing you in the right lane, don’t be a jerk off and speed up. My truck is pretty quick and I will downshift and make you regret hitting your accelerator.

Perhaps the worst infraction in nor-cal is the drivers that drive in the fast lane, yet can’t hold a constant speed. They vary between say 60mph and 75 mph. WTF?

By the time we made it to Sacramento, I was so frazzled, frustrated, and ready to shoot someone that it was amazing. I didn’t realize that I had turned into a so-cal driver.

The return trip was much of the same. After we got about 30 minutes south of Stockton, everything became much nicer and I was able to relax a little and not be so stressed out by stupid morons that needed to learn how to drive.