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hangin’ with the younger siblings

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Just spent the weekend with my little brother and sister. It was a lot of fun. On Friday we went to the Disney studio lot and checked out a few sites there. Later that night, we went and saw the Dodgers play the AZ Diamondbacks….unfortunately the Dodgers lost, but it was a very good game and had some great pitching.

Saturday we went to Santa Monica. We walked the pier, played some games, then went back to our car and got our stuff and had a picnic lunch on the beach. The water was nice and I didn’t get burnt too badly. Laura’s cousin and his girlfriend joined us on the beach. Around dinner time, we headed back to Glendale. I had picked up some pre-marinated carne asada on Friday. We grilled that up along with some chicken fajitas and spanish rice and beans. Laura’s cousin and a couple friends came over for the feast. We played Taboo and Scene-It until everyone was pooped.

Sunday was fun too. We went to Hollywood. Checked out Mann’s Chinese Theater, the Kodak Theater, did some shopping, then walked down to Hollywood and Vine for some pictures w/ the street signs and the Capitol Records building in the background.

Once Hollywood got boring, we headed back to Glendale for lunch (leftover mexican food) and then went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum. Awesome movie…..much better than number two. Even though this one also had the camera shake like the last one, it wasn’t as bad. This is a MUST SEE in the theaters movie!!!!