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countdown to the wedding

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So the countdown has started…we’re looking at 10 or 11 days left of my freedom.

I’m not nervous…..well, maybe a little bit. But it’s not about getting married….it’s about pulling the whole thing off. I’m really worried that something is going to go wrong. Someone’s going to say something they shouldn’t, someone’s going to get butt-hurt over something, me getting into a bar fight the night before, etc.

I guess I really shouldn’t be worried, and I’m not really that worried about it, but the thought is there in the back of my head.

Everything is paid for with the exception of a deposit we have to leave with the cake lady for some stuff.

Dave and I worked on the Camaro some more this last weekend. I hand polished the wheels, then we put on a new steering wheel and a bunch of new weather stripping. Weather stripping has got to be one of the most un-fun parts of restoring an old car. Putting new stuff on isn’t that bad (aside from having to deal with contact cement), but removing the old stuff really sucks.

Anyways, work has been busy as usual. I’ve been training someone to cover the publishing while I’m out for my honeymoon. I’ve been working on some perl modules that I’m going to post in the Programming section of the site soon. Maybe someday I’ll get some recognition and actually be able to become a real developer….I guess right now I’m just a hobbyist developer since I can’t claim that I’ve ever had “developer” in any of my job titles and I don’t have a MS in computer science.