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Jason Hancock

last update:

My blog’s back up, but you might notice that I’m missing all my posts from March until now……..that’s what happens kids when you don’t back up your critical data and you have a hardware failure. If you didn’t know, my linux box is suffering from some mysterious hardware failure. It won’t boot, I get no video output at all. I’m going to swap the hard drive into another machine and try to boot off it.

So the countdown has started…we’re looking at 10 or 11 days left of my freedom. I’m not nervous…..well, maybe a little bit. But it’s not about getting married….it’s about pulling the whole thing off. I’m really worried that something is going to go wrong. Someone’s going to say something they shouldn’t, someone’s going to get butt-hurt over something, me getting into a bar fight the night before, etc. I guess I really shouldn’t be worried, and I’m not really that worried about it, but the thought is there in the back of my head.

a long week

Not as bad as it could be, really. It’s Thursday and before I started work this morning, I had only worked 31 hours this week…not too bad. The bad thing is that I feel like i’ve been up all week. I haven’t slept well at all. I’m lucky to make it to bed by 2am. It’s not like I’m screwing around pissing away my time…I’m actively engaged in stuff and trying to get stuff on my to-do list done.

Laura and I went up to her parents’ house for the weekend. We left around 9am on Saturday and drove up to Apple Valley. I started trying to fix her Dad’s computer and then changed clothes to help clean up the back yard. We moved a pallet of bricks. After that, the rest of the yard work was done and it was time to have some fun. We removed the car cover from her dad’s 1968 Camaro RS Convertible.

places to visit

Had a couple minutes at work today and came up with a list of places I’d like to visit in the next couple years. Laura gets really bored when we don’t go anywhere for a while, so I figure if I start a list, when the time comes, I’ll have some ideas of where we could go. Some of these places will require camping to get the experience that I want…who can fully appreciate nature’s beauty from a hotel?

i happened to doze off for a few minutes around 10:30 but I woke up wide awake. We had pizza from Numero Uno for dinner and I have a slight hint of heartburn right now. I’ve taken a new approach at work. Instead of trying to pick up the operations side of everything, I’m doing my best to immerse myself in the development. I’m asking all sorts of questions about all sorts of things.


It’s no secret that pirates is using NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System) to build the installer.exe file to install the game. You can see that information plain as day when you are installing the game. The only experience I had before Disney building installers was at Intel. I had used some MS tool to build an installer package for a tool I wrote. It was a pain in the ass. I fought with the damn tool for hours upon hours until it worked correctly.

So there I was…trying to distract myself from the task at hand while at work and was reading some online news. I stumbled across this article about a new amusement park that offers the experience to try and cross the border into the United States from Mexico. I can’t believe that people are actually paying for this. I think we live in a sad society when we can take pleasure in others’ misery.

What I do at work now is pretty cool…I take the code from the developers, work some magic on it, and turn it into the stuff that our customers can download and play. It’s a pretty cool gig, but I really want to write my own code, help build the game, etc., so I’ve decided to learn Panda3D, our 3d graphics engine. I took the first steps last night by downloading and installing the pre-compiled Win-32 binaries.

locked out

I did something stupid yesterday. Let me start with a background on my day. I woke up, felt a little better than the day before, got dressed and went to work. I worked a solid 9.25 hour day, ate dinner at work, and stopped at the mall on my way home. I went night shooting the night before and immediately realized that I need a tripod. I found a tripod at the camera shop for $20 (probably not the best, but when I get a real tripod sometime down the line, it will make me appreciate it a lot more).