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AA and AAA Battery Storage

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Having a family with a couple of young kids who like electronic toys, we can go through a fair amount of AA and AAA batteries. I typically buy alkaline batteries in bulk from either Home Depot or Costco but the packaging usually leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve also started buying rechargeable batteries for things like flashlights and usually keep an extra set of rechargeable batteries per device. I try to keep the sets of rechargeable batteries together so as not to mix age/number of charge/discharge cycles on the rechargeable batteries. I was using these battery cases for storing the rechargeables, but they don’t stack well and they break easily when dropped from chest height.

I was in my garage and dumped a 72 pack of alkaline batteries all over the floor. I decided to figure out a better solution…I started thinking.

I’m a firearms owner as is my father-in-law. He also reloads ammunition. When reloading, he places the finished cartridges into a hinged plastic box with a lid with internal dividers between each cartridge (think plastic index card box with a grid of dividers, but smaller). They’re relatively inexpensive and I decided they would be perfect for my needs, but I had to figure out which ones to order. I settled on the following:

The result:

Battery Storage

I’m able to keep my sets of rechargeable batteries together by arranging them in rows vertically. The batteries fit well and the lids close. They’re everything I wanted.