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I’m a day shy of not posting for almost two months. That’s crazy! A lot has changed in the last 60 days. I’ve moved on from SpecificMedia. I’m scheduled to start a new position with Disney on Monday. I’m pretty stoked about that. I’ve had a week off between jobs and I’ve been doing some Android development in that time.

I haven’t really been developing too much in Android…more like learning the framework/ecosystem/eclipse IDE/ and getting reacquainted with Java. Things are going fairly well for me…I don’t want to reveal exactly what it is I’m building yet because I have a couple of major technical challenges to solve first, but I’ve gotten a lot of the core pieces up and running.

One of the things I was having a bit of trouble with was getting the ASF HttpClient to accept self-signed certificates on Android 2.2, even after applying the much talked about patch to the EasySSLSocketFactory class….it turns out that when CentOS installs itself and generates the /etc/pki/tls/certs/localhost.crt certificate and accompanying key, it sets it to expire 365 days later….well my server has been up for over a year now and I was pulling my hair out wondering why the patch to EasySSLSocketFactory didn’t seem to work. Lesson learned: check to see when your ssl certificates expire! There’s a nice little script in some openssl documentation that will show you how to check your certificate.

Other than that, I’ve gotten http basic/digest/ntlm auth working, generated the required art assets for my project and now just need to finish up the dynamic database (sqlite) drive configuration menu and build the back end poller service. I hope to finish it up in a week or two and be ready for round 1 of testing.

I’m excited for tomorrow (or I guess I should say later today since it’s 1AM PDT where I’m at now…). We’re going to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego for father’s day.