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my name’s jason and i was laid off today

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I entered the workforce shortly after I turned sixteen years old. Since that time, I have never been without employment. The company I was working for closed shop today and laid everyone off.

I’m feeling depressed, anxious, and slightly liberated. The part I’m the most nervous about is I am expecting the arrival of my first child within two weeks and this sudden lack of employment has called my health insurance situation into question.

I’m sure everything will work out. It just feels odd to know that tomorrow is Wednesday and I’m still technically employed until 5PM tomorrow, yet I have no plans. I imagine I’ll be sprucing up my resume and circulating it around. I’ll probably also be filing unemployment paperwork (or at least preparing to do so).

Luckily the wife and I have some money in savings that should last for a few months provided we spend it wisely.