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redefining my blog

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Well hello there. This blog has been off the net since August. I apologize for that. We moved into our new house in November, but our ISP won’t allow access to port 80 (the port over which web traffic flows) without me upgrading our plan to a business plan. I don’t feel like forking out any additional $$, so I decided to move my blog.

Around the same time, I acquired the domain. I’m going to use primarily as the portal to my photography and use this site ( as my personal blog/computer blog area as most of the people that may be interested in my photography probably don’t want to hear me blab on and on about linux/perl/php/bash/etc., but I feel that it’s important for me to maintain a space where I can share that type of information even if the only consumer of that information is myself.

Long story short, is dead for now.  I hope that I can resurrect it at some point in the future, but I refuse to pay any more $$ to Verizon (between our cell phones, internet, tv, and phone, they’re getting $280 out of us a month).

There is still work to do on this site to finish the migration to this new location. The code snippets that I used to link to from the blog are broken. I’m not sure how I’m going to fix those, but I’ll be brainstorming on that for a while.