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Magic: 2010

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Wizards of the Coast released Magic: 2010, the latest core set, on Friday. I picked up a starter deck and five booster packs on Saturday.

Overall, the cards are very familiar. My Llanowar Elves are there, as are Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and a bunch of other old cards from back in my day. Also included in this set were some new and unfamiliar cards. I built a green/blue creature/counter deck. I had 9 islands, 15 forests, 25 green cards and 11 blue cards.

A coworker came over last night after buying a booster box (36 booster packs of cards). After opening and sorting them by color, he assembled a white/red/green deck.  We played and he found that having three colors was too much. He stripped the green from the deck and we played again. We played two or three more games and I won 2 of 3. He changed his deck up some more and we played again. I beat him a final time.

My deck was slow, so I left myself vulnerable in the early game. I would often be down to 10 life by turn 4 or 5, but by that time, my deck was picking up steam. I was doing anywhere from 4-12 damage per turn and able to counter anything that would slow me down.

I had a lot of fun with this new set. We’re hoping to get a tournament together at work this Friday.