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sofa king wii-tarded

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It’s official. Laura and I are wii-tards. We decided to get a wii a little over a week ago and started asking around at our local retailers. I happened to go to Target in Eagle Rock (not our normal Target) and asked if they were expecting any wii’s. They said that they were expecting about 100 the next morning. That settled it….we were getting one.

3:30AM rolled around very early. If you know me, you know it’s a great feat to get me out of bed early in the morning. I brewed a pot of coffee, got dressed for cold weather (it was raining and windy), and set off. Laura joined me for the journey. We arrived at Target at 4:15. There was one other car waiting. I slowly sipped my coffee until I discovered I was hungry. Scanning the horizon for my options, I found a donut shop. We drove over and grabbed some donuts and all was well.

This target is unique…it’s two-story and has entrances on both levels. We were on the top level. Laura went to see if people were lining up on the bottom level. A store employee directed us to line up downstairs. We rolled down to the bottom level and lined up. We were number 10 in line. Turns out they had 76 units.

We got the wii and an extra controller + wii play game. Total was a little north of $300, but a gift card helped make that a bit more manageable.

Now we just need to set it up, get the classic controllers and nunchucks and we’ll be all set. A trip toBest Buy this afternoon should take care of those needs. We’ll use some other gift cards that we’ve been saving for an occasion like this.