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technology upgrade – cellphone part 2

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After searching the web a bit for some decent wallpaper, I discovered an interesting quirk about my lg vx8700. The native resolution of the screen is 240x320, but wallpaper in that resolution gets scaled kinda funky and looks bad.

Off I set to find the correct size for wallpaper. A couple google searches said that the size should be 240x275. I grabbed an image, trimmed it to this size via photoshop and threw it on the microSD card I bought. When displayed as the wallpaper on my phone, there was a white stripe 1 pixel wide on the right side of the image. I couldn’t have that, so I started playing around a bit in photoshop.

I finally found the correct size….it’s 240x274. The wallpapers I trimmed now look great. I now have two backgrounds….a colt 1911 and a flaming skull that looks almost like a tattoo.

I hope I’ve saved someone else some frustration.