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smashing pumpkins: zeitgeist

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Wow…I was so stoked that a new pumpkins album was coming out since I heard their first single “Tarantula”….I have been counting down the weeks then days. Today is the day. The plan was to go get it on my way home. I had forgotten the name of the album, so I hopped on google and found it…..but I also found that there are a bunch of special releases of the album with bonus tracks……Target gets one version of the album with the title track, “Zeitgeist,” while Best-Buy gets another and iTunes gets yet another.

WTF? I started searching and found this article.

I happen to agree very much with the author of the article….particularly with this statement:

Making fans who’ve been waiting the better part of a decade for new Smashing Pumpkins tunes buy an album several times over is, you know, bullshit. My god, you have to go to Target (and only Target!) to get the version with the title track! That just ain’t right.

So, what am I to do? Will I end up buying the album tonight? Probably. But I had planned on running into Best Buy to get it. Now I have to drive the extra 15-20 minutes (due to the horrible traffic) and go to Target to get it.

Then, I decided to think if it’s even worth the bother….it’s not the old pumpkins…..James Iha and Darcy are not there. Was I just getting my hopes up in the first place? Probably. I read a couple reviews of the album. The critics are being extremely harsh. They’re basically saying that Billy Corgan is releasing this album to try and become self-important in the rock world again and he’s trying to do it by singing about some of the issues in the world today, but it just doesn’t work.

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh… buy or not to buy, that is the question. But that gets followed with a second question….which version from which retailer should I buy?

Damn…..i was hoping for an easy answer, but there isn’t one. Maybe I’ll just wait until someone rips it and puts it up on the net….

Well, it’s a few hours later….I bought the CD….from Target. I figured at least then I got the track the CD is titled after.

I have yet to listen to it cover-to-cover. I’ll probably listen to it tomorrow at work. There is A LOT of bass on this album. It sounds pretty good in the 4Runner. If only the X-Runner had a sub (sigh). Someday I’ll get a sub for the X-Runner.