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sad state of affairs

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So there I was…trying to distract myself from the task at hand while at work and was reading some online news. I stumbled across this article about a new amusement park that offers the experience to try and cross the border into the United States from Mexico.

I can’t believe that people are actually paying for this. I think we live in a sad society when we can take pleasure in others’ misery. I don’t agree at all with illegal immigration or illegally crossing the border. If it wasn’t a 3 hour drive to the border, I’d probably participate in some of the citizens’ militias that help patrol the border and report illegal activities. But still, is it really necessary to trivialize the struggle for survival by making it a theme park attraction?

What if a theme park were to open a holocaust type ride/attraction? I bet there would be a massive uproar. Can you imagine people paying to be stacked into barracks like cattle in a corral, being fed nearly nothing despite being worked to the bone with the constant reminder or death all around? And all for the thrill of it?

Every day I become more and more disgusted with humanity. It isn’t so much the people setting up the theme parks and other instances of bad taste as it is the people that actually attend the parks and pay for this sort of thing.