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calico trail clean up

February 18, 2007

Laura and I went to the Calico Clean Up yesterday. Calico is a town about 8 miles North of Barstow along I-15. It’s mainly a tourist attraction. It is operated as an old ghost town. However, outside of the town are several 4×4 trails. Unfortunately, lots of people go out there and camp, [...]

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cleghorn trail

January 30, 2007

Hmmmm….I’m 25 now. I’m looking forward to my car insurance dropping in price and being able to rent a car.
I went wheeling yesterday. It was freaking awesome. Best trail yet in So-Cal. It’s called the Cleghorn trail. It’s off I-15 just north of the I-15/215 split. I was supposed [...]

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mysql, ipf 968’s and a mac

January 4, 2007

I’ve learned so much in the last couple weeks it’s amazing….I stopped thinking about learning PHP and MySQL and started doing it. I found a basic log-in system based on PHP and MySQL and hacked it apart, modified it to use a MCV (Model-Controller-View) architecture, then started customizing. I’m thinking about building a [...]

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