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countdown to the wedding

May 8, 2007

So the countdown has started…we’re looking at 10 or 11 days left of my “freedom.”
I’m not nervous…..well, maybe a little bit. But it’s not about getting married….it’s about pulling the whole thing off. I’m really worried that something is going to go wrong. Someone’s going to say something they shouldn’t, someone’s going to [...]

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cz 452, wedding update, etc

April 30, 2007

Been a while….guess I should post something up. Since dad came down to go shooting, I’ve wanted to get a rifle. I’ve always had a love for bolt action rifles. I started looking for a bolt action .22LR. I almost settled on the Ruger 77/22. It was nice, but everyone was [...]

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easter and the camaro

April 9, 2007

Laura and I went up to her parents’ house for the weekend. We left around 9am on Saturday and drove up to Apple Valley. I started trying to fix her Dad’s computer and then changed clothes to help clean up the back yard. We moved a pallet of bricks.
After that, the rest of [...]

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