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attitude shift – photography

February 24, 2011

For a while there, all I wanted was to be a professional photographer. I attended workshops, experimented with stuff from Strobist, took some classes, shot a couple weddings, spent a fortune on gear, and thought what I wanted was to be a wedding photographer. All I saw were dollar signs thinking it was a quick [...]

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my name’s jason and i was laid off today

August 3, 2010

I entered the workforce shortly after I turned sixteen years old. Since that time, I have never been without employment. The company I was working for closed shop today and laid everyone off.
I’m feeling depressed, anxious, and slightly liberated. The part I’m the most nervous about is I am expecting the arrival of my first [...]

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creating a yum repo on centos 5.4

May 7, 2010

There are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how to set up a local yum repo that is a mirror of your distrubutions repository. This is not one of those tutorials. Imagine you have some software that you have packaged into an rpm for distribution on your company’s servers. Let’s call the name [...]

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