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follow up to charter rant

August 7, 2008

So, after getting a new tv, contemplating upgrading our cable to HD, and the incident a couple weeks back with our internet service, we were pretty much ready to ditch charter.
A salesman from AT&T knocked on the door the other night advertising their new bundled service. Laura took the info and we talked it over [...]

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charter: i hate you

July 18, 2008

Up to now, our relationship has been great. You’ve never left me high and dry when I needed to jump on my computer and get my internet fix…..that is until tonight.
It wouldn’t have been quite so bad had I not needed to be working at the time you decided to tell me to go fly [...]

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technology upgrade – cellphone

February 16, 2008

My phone has lasted for 3 years. I have no complaints with it. It was just time for an upgrade. The paint was starting to wear a bit thin (from all the hard abuse) and with the law changing in July requiring the use of a headset when talking and driving, I figured now was [...]

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