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stp at the hollywood bowl

June 25, 2008

What a show! Amazing! The sound quality of the hollywood bowl was awesome. We were in section F3 and it was great. Sure, we could have been closer, but the show was not bad at all from where we were. Totally worth the $55 for the tickets.
I think they played every song off Core.
I will [...]

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stp reunion

April 18, 2008

Laura scored us some tickets to go see the Stone Temple Pilots at the Hollywood Bowl in June. STP was one of those bands that was all but gone by the time I was old enough to go see shows. The first CD I ever owned was a copy of “Purple.”

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foo fighters at the forum

March 6, 2008

Best concert ever! What an absolutely incredible show. Serj Tankian was good too. What a great night!

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