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wii-tarded part 2

February 25, 2008

We made the trip to Best Buy to get the rest of the accessories that we needed to complete our Wii ensemble; two classic controllers and a nun chuck controller. Unfortunately, Best Buy didn’t have any nun chuck controllers, so after purchasing the classic controllers, we headed next door to Toys-R-Us.
The electronics department was tucked [...]

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sofa king wii-tarded

February 24, 2008

It’s official. Laura and I are wii-tards. We decided to get a wii a little over a week ago and started asking around at our local retailers. I happened to go to Target in Eagle Rock (not our normal Target) and asked if they were expecting any wii’s. They said that they were expecting about [...]

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counter strike sounds

July 12, 2007

I’ve been playing counter strike: source for a while now. In all that time, I’ve played on a bunch of servers. A lot of these servers require you to download some custom sound files. I had a bunch of them downloaded and thought I’d share them here. Some are pretty funny while others are crude. [...]

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