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range trip!

October 23, 2008

Went to the range with some coworkers today. Had a great time. The recent fires almost got the range….all the shrubs around the edges of the range were totally burnt.

We started at the rifle line. It was pretty windy. It was almost too windy. Punching paper was pretty much out, so I left the 10/22 in the car and just took the AR up. There was a 12″ gong at 400 yards that I couldn’t quite seem to hit. I could hit all around it, but I couldn’t quite get it. I could hit the steel rams at 300 yards and 200 yards pretty easily, but I was having some serious trouble with the gong. I need to try some heavier bullets (I was only shooting 55gr FMJ).

After they shut the rifle line down due to the lack of sunlight, I packed up the AR, took it back to the car, and grabbed my pistols. I had three pistols with me tonight: the XD-40, my Springfield loaded champion 1911, and my Browning Buckmark. We started off with the buckmark. It was shooting good so I set one of my coworkers up with it. I then loaded up the XD-40. I really, really, really like that gun. So smooth. To me, it feels so much better than any Glock I’ve ever held. It worked like a dream tonight. The steel was dancing….

Next up was the 1911. Last time out, it had issues feeding the first round out of a full magazine. The gun looked dirty, so I took it apart and completely cleaned it up the other night. This solved my feeding issue. This gun shot amazingly well. I wish I would have purchased more .45 ACP. I only brought about 60 rounds.

After we ran out of centerfire handgun ammo ( I only brough 60 .45ACP and 100 .40 S&W), I took the pistols back to the car and by then the wind had died down, so I grabbed by 10/22. That rifle is such a blast. I really like how people’s faces light up when they hit what they are aiming for at 50 or 75 yards when they’ve never really shot a rifle before. We put about 250 rounds of SK std+ down range.

I’m glad I left the office early today. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The countdown begins….24 hours until I’m officially on vacation….

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