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January 24, 2008

A few guys at work wanted to get together to do some shooting. We found out that the Angeles range does night shooting on Wednesdays…they’re open until 9PM. We picked a date. Too bad none of us could have predicted the weather. It was pouring down rain. At least the benches/tables were covered.

After arriving, I got my .45 out. I loaded up two magazines. Inserted the first mag, pulled the trigger….bang. Pulled the trigger again…bang. It was then that my .45 decided it had had enough. The trigger wouldn’t reset. I’ll have to tear into it and figure out if I broke something.

I then shot a co-workers 1911. What a smooth operating weapon. I may just have to get one of those. I’m going to keep my eyes open for a ’70’s era government or commander model. They seem to go from $600 to $1200 depending on their condition.

My buckmark was stove-piping with Federal 510’s, so I switched to Wolf MT. I shot some bulk federals and some CCI stingers through it later in the night without issue.

We then moved down to the rifle area. I got out my 10/22 and CZ. I probably put 200 rounds down range with the 10/22. It’s just a blast to shoot.  I had a few stove pipes with Federal 510….must have been the cold weather as I’ve shot it before in both my .22’s without issue. I used up the last of my Wolf MT, but luckily my case of SK std+ showed up yesterday, so I continued to shoot nice ammo.

I switched over to the CZ. Hitting the 10″ metal plate at 100 yards was boring so I switched to trying to hit pieces of clay pigeons on the dirt birm behind the targets using only my elbows for support. It was a much better challenge, but I could still hit the pieces fairly regularly.

I also shot a co-worker’s pre-ban AR-15. Using iron sights, I was able to hit the metal plate at 100 yards about 6 out of 10 tries. That’s not bad for me using iron sights in low light conditions (especially with my eyesight)….there’s a reason I have optics on my rifles (and soon on my buckmark).

My boss let me shoot his 9mm Beretta and S&W snub-nose .357 revolver (only had .38 specials). The baretta was nice and smooth. The revolver was a medium sized frame and felt good in my hand…it had a lot of mass to it. If it would have had a 4″ or 5″ barrel, I think I would have liked it more. It didn’t shoot bad (I was shooting it single action…breath on the trigger and it would break), but I’m not that great of a pistol shooter….I’ll take all the distance I can get between front and rear sights. It’s kick was fine for a short barreled revolver and I bet it is quite manageable with .357 magnum cartridges.

Tomorrow night, I’m going to tear down all my guns and give them a thorough cleaning to make sure there is no moisture or nastiness anywhere.

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